Messages, Delivered!

Right place. Right time. Right language.

Aim your web browser to your audience's smartphones and ensure that they get your notifications at the right time, in the right place and in their language.

We are a super app.  Let us be yours! 

NotifyMe - One notification delivered in any language


A better way to connect

Social media's role as the "be-all-end-all" way to connect everyone is diminishing in the age of rampant hacking, trolling, deplatforming and spamming. MessageSpring - a purpose-built notification platform - overcomes these challenges to provide a convenient, secure, private way to get closer to customers and key audiences

Hurdle language barriers

From Spanish to Swedish to Swahili our translation engines (supporting 120+ languages) let you hurdle language barriers to connect with diverse communities, or seek new business opportunities around the world.

“MessageSpring has revolutionized the way we communicate with our diverse, 
multi-language speaking membership base.”

– ikaika saromines,
director, discovery bay golf club
Hurdle language barriers

Make better decisions  

Numbers say so much - quality data drives better decision making and MessageSpring delivers real-time metrics to improve decisions across your operations from customer engagement to creating safer workplaces, schools, communities and more.

“MessageSpring is awesome – it played a key role in our daily health-based risk assessment and analysis across our workplaces.” 

vasant chantikavanij,
board member, loxley
customer engagement

Build closer communities

Are you constantly updating your contact lists? Or concerned that your messages are not being received/read; that you have the right mix of channels; that you offer data and chat privacy? Our platform addresses these issues to help you build stronger connections and closer communities.

Build closer communities

10 Key benefits

for SMEs

From collecting customer emails to segmenting subscribers into groups to translating messages and more, MessageSpring streamlines digital communications for SMEs - here are 10 ways it will enhance your customer engagement.

Key benefits for SMEs

Sharpen your
messaging edge

As well as offering a much higher open rate than email or SMS, there are other significant reasons why MessageSpring is a better messaging fit for you than SMS, email and social media.

Sharpen your messaging edge

Raise your

marketing game

Take engagement to the next level with our proximity notification offering that alerts shoppers on sweet deals when they enter your store. They can issue instant safety messages to students or employees and more  – powered by proximity beacons, they can also support “Pokemon” styled events guiding customers throughout a store or location.

Raise your marketing game

Setting up is easy

Privacy Secured

Mass replies that everyone can see is a downside for many social media messaging apps. Trolls can hijack threads putting people off from commenting. MessageSpring makes trolling and thread hijacking impossible.  Businesses sending notifications can disable replies.  However, when replies to notifications are allowed, they are never public.

Effortless Onboarding

MessageSpring's Deeplink support enables subscribers to conveniently engage with the businesses, venues and organizations who invited them.

MessageSpring Deeplinks enable minimal steps to acquiring new users via the MessageSpring app.

All Deeplinks are Android and iOS compatible.

Ease of Segmenting

However you’d like to segment your customers or organization – e.g. by members, guests, parents, boards of directors, suppliers etc - the flexibility of our group feature will support you - simply add people to groups using our import feature or add people as they subscribe to your notifications.