Messagespring BENEFITS

Super inclusive,
impactful, easy to use

Whether you’re a business owner, school administrator, sports league coordinator, county administrator, golf club manager, condo manager, and more, MessageSpring will boost engagement and trust with your key customers and audiences

Advantages over SMS, email and social media


Compared to email and SMS, MessageSpring offers easy set up and use through simple contact setup, automated contact segmentation, automated translation, team and role assignment, and built-in analytics and feedback

Spam buster

Email and SMS suffer from low open rates due to spam filters and crowded inboxes. On MessageSpring however - as subscribers receive notifications direct from chosen contacts, they’re much more likely to read them.

We do the
heavy lifting

Collecting and segmenting contacts into targeted groups is one of the biggest hurdles for SMEs when it comes to digital communications. 

MessageSpring does this heavy lifting for you through one-click setup and auto grouping to complete multiple processes in clicks. Our built-in analytics feature also enables you to access important notification data with just a few swipes.

Social media
trust issues

Consumers have trust issues with business and brand social media channels. Why? Because brand messages are seen as spam - consumers are also concerned about data and chat privacy and the increasingly blurred lines between paid-for ads and organic content.

MessageSpring users however, know its purpose and choose the brands they want to interact with. MessageSpring users also enjoy enhanced privacy which enhances engagement.

A messaging leg-up for SMEs

10 Key Benefits

for SMEs

MessageSpring was built with SMEs (and other small organizations) in mind, here are 10-ways it will help transform your messaging and engagement with customers.

Increase engagement rates with push notifications

When contacts accept your MessageSpring invite, they choose to receive alerts when you publish new content. They even have the option of adding your notifications to their smartphone calendars.

Deeplinking for
easy onboarding and 
enhanced engagement

Put control directly into your customer’s hands by allowing them to subscribe to your notifications easily from their mobile devices. Simply send a link – via text message or email – and they can do the rest. 

Higher open rate

MessageSpring boasts a much higher open rate than email or SMS thanks to opt-in only models and push notifications. This model means you don’t need to worry that your content will be routed to the trash bin.

Automated segmentation 
for more targeted messages

Use MessageSpring’s Contact Segmentation feature to group customers based on defining characteristics to drive closer interaction with them.

Share ideas,
assign roles and more

From landing pages featuring new products to employee work rosters, you can share vital information in minutes. You can also enable recipients to reply to threads, or set it so only you and/or a select few individuals can comment.

Impress users with
elegant designs

MessageSpring’s clean look and feel was designed to meet the high expectations of demanding users. Users can action tasks — from subscribing to notification feeds to sending messages – with just a few basic movements.

Rich attachment

Content is made to be shared, so whether you’re creating videos, white-papers, memes and more, MessageSpring can support and send it. MessageSpring also makes it easy to engage customers with streaming videos, downloadable PDFs, accessible images and more – direct from our platform.

Send personalized content

Segmenting contacts allows you to deliver more targeted content to every inbox. Think how-to videos for new customers and higher-level content for long-term customers. School administrators may also segment contacts based on roles and grade level, and more.


Push content – enabled by MessageSpring proximity beacons – offers a powerful incentive for passing shoppers/diners to call In to your store or location. The beacons enable the delivery of product and promo notifications when a subscriber either passes by your shop or moves to certain areas in your store.

Eliminate language barriers

Recognizing the increasingly diverse communities we live in and your ambitions to seek new business worldwide, MessageSpring cuts through language barriers. Its translation engines (supporting 120+ languages) enable you to draft messages in your native language and have peace of mind that recipients will receive them in the default language of their smartphones.

Raise your marketing game

Digital Edge

Our affordable digital marketing tools will help you to compete better with the bigger players in your business and industry sectors – tools such as:

Digital Membership Cards

Make cumbersome plastic ID/membership cards history - MessageSpring enables the easy production and distribution of digital cards across all subscriber bases.

Proximity Beacons

Boost engagement and conversion with MessageSpring proximity beacons that allow businesses to send notifications when subscribers walk-by stores or go to certain locations. 


Message delivery and CRM combined into a single platform (in a spam and troll-free space) is a major MessageSpring USP. Third party integration is also no longer required.

Digital vouchers and redemption

Swap easy-to-lose, environmentally harmful paper vouchers with digital ones that can be produced in every language and redeemed using our QR code real-time redemption system.

User Stories

MessageSpring is making a positive difference from enabling faster, easier communication across a diverse golf club, to building a stronger community spirit in a major apartment block, to providing key analytics in a vital COVID-19 risk assessment program, and more.


Discovery Bay Golf Club

“MessageSpring has revolutionized the way we communicate with our diverse, multi-language speaking membership base.”

– Ikaika Saromines, Director,
   discovery bay golf club

We were approached in February 2019 to become an early adopter of MessageSpring. We were a bit skeptical because back then, it was an untried solution, and the support team was small. 

But, we were struggling to keep our members informed with meaningful, timely, and relevant messages. It was a struggle because everyone today, has their own preferred messaging channel. Our membership base is also diverse and we have to communicate across a host of languages – Cantonese, English, Mandarin, and Japanese. 

To address the multi-language challenge faced, we jumped in to try the product and today, we are completely on-board with MessageSpring and the benefits it offers. And while, we faced a few technological issues early on, MessageSpring has proven to be an excellent and great value for money solution. 



Loxley PCL

“MessageSpring is awesome – it played a key role in our daily Covid-19 assessment and analysis across our workplaces.”

   loxley pcl

In the early weeks of the outbreak, we were looking at ways to deploy our Covid-19 infection prediction algorithm - but we didn’t want to build an app.

We had heard about MessageSpring – and had also worked with the If You Can team (the MessageSpring developers) - on other projects.  So, we asked them if MessageSpring could be adapted to accommodate businesses who wanted to use it as a tool to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. 

The hardworking MessageSpring team responded quickly to the challenge and put together a creative proposal – they presented a great design and worked hard with us to build a proof of concept. 

It ticked all of our boxes, and was used by our group companies to track risk factors for all staff during the height of the pandemic period. We found many of the MessageSpring features to be very useful – especially the automatic translation of languages - because we have a large number of expat staff, from all parts of the world, working in our various teams. 



Park View Towers Apartment

“Thanks to MessageSpring, we now send one timely message that everyone can read – in their  own language – to save lots of admin time, reduce paper use.” 

– Piyada Duaungpream, apartment general manager,
   park view towers apartment

The founder of MessageSpring used to live in our Condominium complex. When he saw us delivering messages to various apartment owners and dwellers – by slipping paper notes under their doors or posting messages on notice boards in common areas - he told us about MessageSpring.

After our chat, we invited him to present to our board and we loved what we heard and immediately adopted it. To us, there was no downside to this system – only positives. It’s simple to use, and very effective.

And as we have a wide range of people living here from different parts of the world, speaking many different languages, MessageSpring solved a really big communication issue for us and allowed us to be even more inclusive.

Using MessageSpring now, we are speaking everyone’s language and everyone receives the same message at the same time. It has enhanced our communications, made it more convenient for residents to receive information, and reduced significantly our paper usage.

I would recommend MessageSpring as a communication tool for all apartment and housing communities.