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MessageSpring improves how you communicate with your audiences. Now messages get read, not ignored.

What if you could get your message out via multiple channels with just a single post? With MessageSpring you can, and everybody benefits. You’ll not only simplify your life, you’ll also impact your customers, your employees, your students, your community, and just about any audience that’s most important to you. Through a unified portal your messages appear across a multitude of channels, in the preferred language of their choice – all through their smartphone. But that’s just the beginning.

Proximity Beacon
Message Analytics
Send important messages people will receive. And open.

With a built-in CRM you get Target Group Messaging that supports audience segmentation with both your customer defined groups and subgroups. Add to this how channel, language and topic preferences are stored in subscriber profiles which can be updated by subscribers at any time.

With this robust CRM you now understand every audiences buying history, so you know what drives sales and what doesn’t. With this information you can market more effectively for increased sales.

Write once. Send once. Done.

Spring forward message delivery success by reaching audiences via a growing number of channels with a single post. These messages can be delivered through the MessageSpring app, SMS text, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your audience members receive more than just messages, they get total flexibility too. Each can choose their language and the ability to change their channel preferences at anytime. With MessageSpring, you can truly be in the right place, at the right time, and in the right language.

Language barriers, removed.

Does communicating to specific groups seem impossible because they speak various languages? Then let’s talk about how MessageSpring eliminates these communication hurdles by translating every message into the language preset on their smartphone.

This includes Spanish, Russian, Chinese and automatic translation to over 130 languages with text-to-speech in nearly 50 languages. Now your target groups will always know what you have to say. Translation: You can seek new business opportunities in your community, or even on the other side of the world.

Reach customers when and where they want to be reached.

Reaching groups at a specific location is easy with MessageSpring. As an add-on feature, our proximity beacon technology lets you connect and notify people where they are located.

If they are shopping in your store, send them a digital voucher. Maybe they are walking past your restaurant, entice them to stop in for dinner through your CRM loyalty program. When they are ready to buy, MessageSpring instantly finds them with a message they will be sold on.

Consider the possibilities:

  • Real-time Retail Offers & Promotions
  • Increase Restaurant Loyalty
  • Upsell products for higher profit margins
Smart decisions made smarter.

Real time message analytics enables businesses to immediately see their communication effectiveness. Easily run promotions to move people from channel to channel or advertise, promote, and measure across channels.

What you see include insights to what your customers buy and what promotions drive the highest volume of traffic. Now you can tailer what you sell to the way your customer buys. It makes sense, and profits for your business.

Send it and they will receive.
We understand today's communication challenges. That's why MessageSpring is an affordable and robust solution for businesses of all sizes.


  • It’s Simple
  • Easy on your budget
  • Higher open rate & customer engagement
  • Zero language barriers
  • Send personalized content
  • Rich attachment capabilities
  • Dynamic groups
  • Automated segmentation for more targeted messages
  • Share ideas, assign roles and more
  • Spamless
  • Real-time metrics
  • Proximity-based notifications
  • Rich attachments
  • More effective than SMS, social media and email

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions range from general product inquiries to specific questions coming from either businesses or subscribers to businesses who use MessageSpring.

Why should my company use MessageSpring?
If your company is typical, then you are most likely over communicating or under communicating. You are also probably sending only emails and delivering them in just one or two languages. Most companies have a much more diverse audience. MessageSpring gives you more delivery options and we support many languages. With our topic driven messaging, you can ensure that people get only what they want. If your company has social media accounts, you can link your social media accounts and post selected messages to social media automatically.
How can we use MessageSpring effectively?
MessageSpring is used most effectively when: 1) You allow your audience members to opt-in with our subscriber widget. The best way to do this is to add the widget to your company website. 2) You effectively group all of your audience members using our CRM segmentation feature. This allows you to communicate with any slice of your audience. 3) Create topics from which your subscribers / audience members can choose. This allows you to send people only what they want without annoying them with too much information. 4) Enable text to speech for all of your longer messages. Your audience will appreciate listening to long messages rather than reading them. As with most things, more effective use comes with practice. So, when you get your MessageSpring account, use it a lot and you'll get better.
Is MessageSpring secure?
Yes, MessageSpring is very secure. We have many kinds of technology and processes in place to ensure a safe and secure messaging environment.
Is MessageSpring more secure than e-mail?
In one sense, MessageSpring is more secure than most other communication methods because it's an opt-in platform. And after opting in, it's very simple to opt-out. Also, we use all standard security protocols (e.g. HTTPS) to send information from point to point. Where possible and practicle, we also secure data while at rest.
What is Omnichannel?
Omnichannel is the practice of using all types of channels to serve audiences. From MessageSpring's perspective, Omnichannel allows our business customers to get messages out to their audiences in multiple channels. For MessageSpring, we support our MessageSpring app, email, SMS and four social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
How does the Proximity Beacon work?
Proximity beacons are small devices broadcasting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal that can be picked up by nearby devices (usually a smartphone) with an beacon enabled app. In our case, the beacon enabled app is the MessageSpring app. The moment the signal is detected by the MessageSpring app all kinds of events can be triggered. For example, if you have the MessageSpring app and you come near one of our beacons, the app will determine if a message should be delivered to you. If so, you'll get a message delivered to you (in your langauge) that will contain something important based upon where you are - such as a coupon good for discounts.
I want to use the MessageSpring plugin for my WordPress website. Do I need a MessageSpring account before using the MessageSpring Plugin?
Yes, you need this plugin. It is for businesses who already have a MessageSpring account. If you don’t have one already, simply click the link provided and create one in minutes.
Is MessageSpring expensive?
No, MessageSpring is very affordable. It costs about the same as bulk SMS for businesses and you get many other valuable features,including: • Built-in CRM • International SMS delivery • Subscriber onboarding tools • Messages delivered in the languages requested by your audience members (no translation or effort on your part). • Free website with your account • Free digital membership cards • Team members backed by sophisticated roles and permissions • Proximity beacons • Conversations (similar to Facebook Messenger) • Topic based message delivery
Do my subscribers need to install the MessageSpring app?
No, they do not need to install app. Your subscribers can subscribe to your message stream via email or SMS. Then they can enjoy messages in their language, multimedia, text to speech – all in the topics they’ve selected. They can also react to your message using ""like"" and ""report"". NOTE: The app experience for them will be superior if they install the MessageSpring app. This allows them to take advantage of the digital membership cards, vouchers and proximity beacons. The reason that the app is required is that the membership cards and vouchers are stored in a wallet in the app. Also, for proximity beacons to work, our app is required to detect the bluetooth signal.
How do I translate messages that I want to send out from the MessageSpring dashboard?
You don’t translate messages you send out, our technology does all the work. We have integrated with three AI-based translation engines to ensure that highest quality translations. We detect the language that you’re authoring with and we deliver that message to everyone in your audience in their language.
Why do I have to choose the channel(s) every time I send a message?
Choosing channels you flexibility to deliver messages only to a particular channel. For example, maybe you want to send an offer to your SMS segment to encourage them to install and use the MessageSpring app. We make it simple to do just that. Simply choose your recipient list and we figure out which channels are needed and you just select channels that should be used. Done.
How do I link my MessageSpring account to my WordPress website?
Linking your MessageSpring account to a WordPress website is easy. Just follow these few simple steps: Step 1: Log in to your MessageSpring DashboardStep Step 2: Navigate to the Subscriber Widget left hand menu item Step 3: In that page, you’ll find an API Token. Click on the “Copy Code” button to copy that API token Step 4: Navigate back to the MessageSpring plugin settings page and paste the API token into the API token field Step 5: Test your token Step 6: Follow the instructions on the plug-in page and click ""Save"" Step 7:You're done. It's that easy and that quick.
Why should I put a MessageSpring widget on my website?
Putting the MessageSpring widget on your website is important for several reasons. If you're like most businesses, you have a Contact Us email widget (an entire page more likely) on your website. There are at least two major problems with this approach: 1. Many people don't want to give YOU their email addresses. Even if they do, many of them will never even open the email that you send to them or it might get trapped in spam. 2. A lot of people who want to hear from you may want to see what you have to say in something other than the language that you're offering. Replacing your ""Contact Us"" capability with MessageSpring provides your subscribers with additional channel options and about 160 additional language options. If you get verbose in your message, MessageSpring comes with Text To Speech already built in. Let your subscribers become listeners.it
Can I easily post selected messages that I am sending to my social media accounts?
Yes, posting selected messages to your social media accounts is easy. All you have to do is link your business' social media pages to your MessageSpring account. We currently support Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Any social media account you link to your MessageSpring account becomes an optional channel for any message you're sending. For example, let's say you're a school and you need to announce that school is closed due to weather. With MessageSpring, just compose your message, choose everyone, leave all channels on and then choose which linked social media accounts should also be targeted. Once you click send, everyone in your audience will receive your message in their preferred channel and their preferred language. For anyone who hasn't yet subscribed to you, they can see the message on your linked social media pages.
Is it necessary to install the MessageSpring app?
Installation of the app is not required. If you are experiencing installation fatigue, you can subscibe to your favorite business via SMS or email. We do suggest that you install the MessageSpring app.
Why should I install the MessageSpring app?
There are many benefits to using the MessageSpring app. For example, the user experience in the app is superior to email and SMS and you can participate in things like proximity messaging and voucher redemption. Both of these features equire the MessageSpring app. Without it you have no way of detecting proximity beacons in participating businesses and receiving vouchers from those beacons.
When I subscribe to a place using my cell number or email address, will the business see it?
The business will not see it your cell number or email. That's one of the advantages of using MessageSpring. Many businesses either intentionally or unintentionally share your contact details with people who end up selling that information. When you subscribe to any business on MessageSpring with your email or phone number, we do not allow any of those businesses to see your email or phone number. However, we make it possible for those businesses to message you via email or SMS without exposing that information to them. This creates a trusted relationship between both parties.
How do you ensure that I always get messages in the language I want?
There are many ways we ensure you get messages in your prefered language. MessageSpring partners with the 3 leading translation engines to deliver the broadest set of language translation and text to speach. Plus, we store your language preferences in your profile in the MessageSpring platform.
How do I change my language preference?
Managing your language preferences is easy. If you are using the MessageSpring app, simply go to Settings and Languages and choose your new preferred language. If you subscribed via SMS or email to a recent message, click on Change your Language / Notification Method. In the secure website that popups up, choose your new preferred language.
I like this app. But other businesses that I like are not on it. What should I do?
Simply introduce MessageSpring to the business you want to use MessageSpring app. They will thank you for it.
Why should I use this when we have social media?
There are many solid reason to use our app in place of social media. While some businesses can gain new customers on social media (since everyone is there), we feel that social media is not a good place for business to consumer updates for many reasons: • There's too much content on social media leading to high risks of missing important updates • Social media contains too much trolling, bullying and frauds • Language translation on social media is less than ideal • The social media landscape is becoming more divided (YouTube vs. Rumble, Twitter vs. Gettr, Facebook vs. SnapChat)

“Thanks to MessageSpring, we now send one timely message that everyone can read — in their own language. This saves lots of admin time, reduces paper use and simplifies our life.”

Piyada Duaungpream, Apartment General Manager, Park View Towers Apartment

“With MessageSpring, residents of our municipal customers across America will be able to select their preferred channel and language for all updates. This ‘write once, deliver everywhere’ platform is game changing.”

Dan Bratone, Ceo, Munission Messenger

“MessageSpring is going to make communication with our community, families and students so much easier!! If you’re a school or admin of one — make the switch. It will be well worth it.”

Mandy Yates, Kingdom United Education

“MessageSpring has revolutionized the way we communicate with our diverse, multi-language speaking membership base.”

Ikaika Saromines, Director, Discovery Bay Golf Club