Communication where everyone feels at home.

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Fact: According to Forbes, property managers need to be in regular contact with their tenants to build a trusting relationship. Open lines of communication leads to an overall better customer experience, and this leads to residents who want to stay at their properties, as well as recommend them to friends and family.

Send essential messages your residents need to feel at home.

From emergencies and maintenance to package delivery and rent payment reminders, sending timely and important proactive communication with your condo or rental residents is a must. The challenge is not every message is essential to everyone and might not be in their preferred language. By using MessageSpring, you can send specific audiences the right communications, at the right time, at the right place and in the right language.


  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Fragmented communication systems
  • Technological problems
  • Large groups are difficult to reach
When you have something important to say, make sure it’s heard.

There is so much happening daily in an MDU that people need to know about. MessageSpring gives you the unique ability to reach specific groups with targeted messages in over 130 languages and text-to-speech in nearly 50 languages. This one-of-a-kind communication platform is the most effective way to communicate with your residents to make them feel secure, happy and wanting to keep living in your MDU.

To learn how to create communication where every resident feels at home, download our infographic and read the blog.

Proximity Beacon
Message Analytics
Send important messages residents will receive. And open.

With a built-in CRM you get Target Group Messaging that supports audience segmentation with both your resident defined groups and subgroups. Add to this how channel, language and topic preferences are stored in subscriber profiles which can be updated by subscribers at any time.

With this robust CRM you now understand every audience’s message interest history, so you know what engages them and what doesn’t. With this information you can more effectively reach them with messages that get noticed.

Write once. Send once. Done.

Spring forward message delivery success by reaching residents via a growing number of channels with a single post. These messages can be delivered through the MessageSpring app, SMS, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Gone are the days of slipping messages on paper under a resident’s door or trying to reach them on message boards they ignore.

Your audience resident members receive more than just messages, they get total flexibility too. Each can choose their language and the ability to change their channel preferences at any time. With MessageSpring, you can truly be in the right place, at the right time, and in the right language.

Language barriers, removed.

Does communicating to specific resident groups seem impossible because they speak various languages? Then let’s talk about how MessageSpring eliminates these communication hurdles with your diverse resident groups by translating every message into the language preset on their smartphone.

This includes Spanish, Russian, Chinese and automatic translation to over 160 languages with text-to-speech in nearly 50 languages. Now your target groups will always know what you have to say. Translation: The messages you send will be noticed, opened and read.

Reach residents when and where they want to be reached.

Reaching resident groups at a specific location is easy with MessageSpring. As an add-on feature, our proximity beacon technology lets you connect and notify people where they are located.

MessageSpring instantly finds them with a message they will be sold on. Maybe it’s a rent special or to sign up for an exclusive event. Whatever you promote your residents will be active and want to live there long term because of the message you send and that they want to receive.

Smart decisions made smarter.

Real time message analytics enables your managers to immediately see their communication effectiveness. Easily run specific messages to move people from channel to channel or advertise, promote, and measure across channels.

What you see include insights as to what your residents are interested in and what message types drive the highest volume of traffic. Now you can tailor what to send to every resident. It makes sense since residents are more than ever wanting to stay informed, engaged and active members of the community.

Simple. Powerful. Inclusive.

Watch how MessageSpring simplifies your life, breaks down communication barriers and impacts greater engagement with your entire audience – from small businesses to entire communities.

“Thanks to MessageSpring, we now send one timely message that everyone can read — in their own language. This saves lots of admin time, reduces paper use and simplifies our life.”
Piyada Duaungpream, Apartment General Manager, Park View Towers Apartment