The Connected Resident: Now nobody is left behind.

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Fact: Over 269 billion emails are sent and received daily. With the average person in your community receiving 122 of those emails each day, the chances of critical information reaching your residents in a timely manner are slim to none.

Make sure residents hear what you have to say.

All too often typical communication channels for communities such as email, SMS, social media, or even the local newspaper are just dead ends for effective engagement with your residents. That’s why there’s MessageSpring. Now reach everyone in the community right away and the way they like to be reached: on their smartphone.


  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Fragmented communication systems
  • Technological problems
  • Large groups are difficult to reach
The Connected Resident: Now nobody is left behind.

There are many communication barriers cities face when trying to engage with their diverse resident groups. But with MessageSpring, every department now has one platform to easily reach all your residents with the right message, in the right language and the way they like to be reached: on their smartphone. And it’s up and running in a day so you can use it just as quick.

To learn how to create communication where every resident is connected to every city department, download our infographic and read the blog.
Proximity Beacons
Message Analytics
Send important messages residents will receive. And open.

With a built-in CRM, your city now has Target Group Messaging that supports segmentation with both your resident defined groups and subgroups. Add to this how channel, language and topic preferences are stored in subscriber profiles which can be updated by residents at any time so they always feel connected.

This robust CRM is ideal to see every resident’s buying history for everything from pool and gym passes to special city events. You now know what drives engagement and purchases and what doesn’t.

Write once. Send once. Done.

Spring forward message delivery success and by reaching all your city residents via a growing number of channels with a single post. Whether it’s an emergency message or a newsletter, these messages can be delivered through the MessageSpring app, SMS, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn in the resident’s native language.

Your Connected Residents receive more than just messages, they get total flexibility, too. They can choose their language and change channel preferences at any time. With MessageSpring, you can truly be in the right place, at the right time, and in the right language so every resident can truly be part of the community.

Language barriers, removed.

Does communicating to your diverse resident groups lack inclusivity because your technology is limited? Then let’s talk about how MessageSpring eliminates these communication hurdles by translating every message into the language preset on their smartphone for a more Connected Resident.

This includes Spanish, Russian, Chinese and automatic translation to over 130 languages with text-to-speech in nearly 50 languages. Now nobody gets left behind in an emergency. Translation: You can truly become an inclusive city where residents feel safe and connected.

Now businesses in your city can reach customers when and where they want to be reached.

Any business within your city can now easily reach customer groups at a specific location using MessageSpring. As an add-on feature, our proximity beacon technology lets these businesses connect and notify potential customers where they are located.

If a customer is walking past a restaurant, they can be enticed to dinner through a CRM loyalty program. When they are ready to buy, MessageSpring instantly finds them with a message they will be sold on.

Smart city decisions made even smarter.

From emergency messages to reminders about city services, real time message analytics enables your city to immediately see communication effectiveness for every department. Easily send messages to move people from channel to channel or promote and measure across channels.

What your city sees is what your resident messages get the most engagement. Now you can tailor what you have to say to what residents really want to hear so they feel connected. It makes sense, and drives inclusivity for your city

Simple. Powerful. Inclusive.

Watch how MessageSpring simplifies your life, breaks down communication barriers and impacts greater engagement with your entire audience – from small businesses to entire communities.

“With MessageSpring, residents of our municipal customers across America will be able to select their preferred channel and language for all updates. This ‘write once, deliver everywhere’ platform is game changing.”

Dan Bratone, CEO, Munission Messenger

“MessageSpring is an absolute game-changer for communicating important information to all our citizens. Now everyone feels part of the Park Hills community”

Tamara Coleman, City of Park Hills, Digital Content Manager