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IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation)

IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) is a critical process in software development that helps ensure that software products are of high quality, meet customer requirements, and are delivered on time and within budget. There are several reasons why IV&V is important:

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Improves Quality

IV&V can identify defects and bugs in the software early in the development process, which helps improve the overall quality of the product. By detecting and fixing issues early, it can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on rework or fixing issues in later stages of development or even post-release.

Enhances Credibility

By providing an independent and objective assessment of the software, IV&V can increase the credibility and reliability of the product, which can be crucial for building trust with customers, stakeholders, and investors.

Ensures Compliance

IV&V can help ensure that software products meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, which is especially important in industries with strict compliance requirements, such as healthcare and finance.

Reduces Risks

IV&V can help identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in the software, which can
help mitigate the risk of system failures, data breaches, or other security issues.

Removes Developer Bias

Developers testing their own code often do a poor job of detecting and resolving defects. Have you ever had someone review anything you’ve written after you’re certain that you’ve created a masterpiece? It’s embarrassing isn’t it. The same thing happens with software. Bias can often slip out of developers and infect a company. That’s why it’s prudent to let impartial teams test your work.

Overall, IV&V is an essential component of software development that can help ensure the success of software projects by improving quality, enhancing credibility, ensuring compliance, and reducing risks.

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