There’s Never Been a Better Time to Embrace Location-Based Marketing

Consumers like timely customized notifications

May 5, 2021

Consumers spend more when redeeming coupons. It’s a fact.

According to US retail stats, 77% of consumers spend anywhere from $10 to $50 more when shopping with coupons.

While this is a great opportunity for all businesses – in reality, many shoppers forget to bring or download coupons when they go out. With beacon technology, or proximity/location marketing however, this is no longer an issue.


What is proximity marketing?

A strategy that utilizes location technologies to communicate with customers who are within a certain distance of a particular location, e.g., 150-feet from a store.  

Location marketing relies on portable communication devices such as cellphones and smart watches, as well as Bluetooth technology and beacons.

While sending coupons to subscribers – when they are in, or near an establishment – is the main way marketers use proximity marketing it can also be used in many other ways. Appointment scheduling, customer support, and product updates, are some of the uses.

You are probably familiar with hyperlocal marketing without even knowing it! 

When you walk into your local grocery store and receive a text message with the weekly ad attached – that’s hyperlocal marketing in action.

When Kohl’s sends coupons to your phone when you walk past one of their stores – it’s not “magic” – it’s part of a sophisticated marketing strategy. It’s the same when AT&T sends you an alert to check in before you even park your vehicle.


Consumers want beacons

According to a recent survey by US-marketing services company, Valassis, 38% of all consumers said they prefer to receive coupons and discount alerts via their mobile devices. This is up from 32% in 2017. Other standout findings:

  • 52% said they would be willing to share their location to receive relevant advertising
  • 72% said they would act on a call-to-action marketing message if they were near the retailer that sent it

Alerting retail staff just before a loyal customer enters a store or premise, is another way beacon tech can be used – this “heads up” enables staff to welcome the customer when they arrive, and inform them of special deals and other offers.


Increasing conversions

Beacon campaigns are great at boosting conversion rates. Why? Because alerts reach consumers at the precise moment they’re thinking about, or ready, to make a purchase. If a consumer is on the fence, a well-timed alert can trigger them to buy. 


Drive up engagement and retention

Geotargeting is a good way to drive up customer app engagement and retention.

How? Beacon technology enables retailers to deliver relevant notifications and deals at the exact moment users may need them. The more targeted the alerts, the higher the odds that the recipient will engage with an app, and notifications, and stay loyal to a store or brand.


Wide range of uses and applications

Besides retail, beacon tech is also deployed successfully in many other sectors and ways.

  • Casinos in Las Vegas use beacons to welcome guests and inform non-members about the benefits of becoming members. Beacons enable two welcome opportunities – a personalized message to a customer’s phone followed up by a “hello Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss” from employees (triggered by a prior alert) as the customer walks into a location
  • Airports use location marketing technology to target travelers at specific locations throughout the airport. Using this they can send info such as directions to baggage claim, boarding pass shortcut instructions, and car rental info
  • Museums use location marketing to allow their visitors to guide themselves through exhibits. At each exhibit, a visitor will receive a new alert with info about the display
  • Healthcare practices increasingly use location marketing to allow patients to check in, fill out paperwork ahead of time, schedule follow-up visits, make payments and more


Get Started 

While proximity marketing opens up exciting new business, and engagement opportunities, many SMBs lack the talent, resources, and technology to get started.

Recognizing this, NotifyMe’s affordable, easy-to-use platform is built to help SMBs overcome these barriers.

On top of its messaging features, NotifyMe also includes beacon technologies as part of its suite of digital marketing offerings. Using the app, and the NotifyMe beacons, SMBs can send personalized push notifications to subscribers based on their locations and classification (new customer, returning customer, loyal customer, etc.).

NotifyMe also uses built-in, intelligent analytics to deliver easy-to-read reports to SMB owners. This data enables SMB owners to track what types of messages, or offers work better than others to drive up engagement and sales conversions.

And as NotifyMe operates on an opt-in basis, this means subscribers only receive the notifications they agree to receive. When consumers are in control in this way, they are more likely to engage with the alerts and adverts they receive and stay loyal to a business or brand.

If you are eager to make proximity marketing a key new feature in your sales and promotional activities this year but want to know more about NotifyMe’s affordable and easy-to-use beacon solutions please feel free to send us a message – we can help you get started in no time.

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