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MessageSpring Overview

Whether you’re a business owner, school administrator, sports league coordinator, county administrator, golf club manager, condo manager, and more, MessageSpring will boost engagement and trust with your key customers and audiences

MessageSpring for Businesses

The MessageSpring platform offers businesses of all sizes easy audience and message segmentation, automatic translation to over 130 languages, text-to-speech in nearly50 languages, and optional proximity beacon integration. Add to these features a nativeCRM function, digital membership cards, plus digital coupons and vouchers.

MessageSpring Proximity Messaging

Take engagement to the next level with our proximity notification offering that alerts shoppers on sweet deals when they enter your store. They can issue instant safety messages to students or employees and more  – powered by proximity beacons, they can also support “Pokemon” styled events guiding customers throughout a store or location.

MessageSpring App for Subscribers

With MessageSpring, you no longer need to search endlessly for important messages that you received by email, SMS, chat or social media. Let’s face it, you get bombarded in all of those channels from your school, apartment, favorite restaurant or any other place where you need to stay in touch.